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SRCM (Sustaining Responsible Crafts Manship)
Mankind’s most powerful form of expression is Art, be it a painting, music, dance, sculpture, literature, crafts and the list is endless. Art stimulates our senses, our mind and our very soul. It has been the most useful tool for understanding the evolution of mankind and stands as testimony to History. Art forms give insight into the culture, faith, beliefs, happenings, way of life of a given time, of a given place, of a given religion.

Crafts is a form of art that is associated with artifacts or things that are made with the hand namely wood carving, sculpting, pottery, weaving, inlay, engraving, painting etc. In India, arts and crafts are deeply intertwined with the culture and way of life of its people. Piety, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, were expressed through art and crafts. Religious and spiritual beliefs, practices and worship have been the main source of inspiration for the Indian artists and craftsmen to create art and craft forms. Although Religion is the base it would not be wrong to say today India’s Art and crafts has transcended Religion, it’s become a Philosophy.

Crafts that originated with so much of purity in thought needs to be preserved in its authentic and unadulterated form. SRCM, Sustaining Responsible CraftsManship is the mission of india4you – to promote and cherish the Indian Handicrafts in its original form and to ensure that what is reaching so many Art lovers has been done in the traditional spirit.

This page is dedicated to giving comprehensive information on the history and technique of various forms of art and crafts from India, so many unknown, some becoming a dying art. It is in Appreciation of the beautiful Arts and Crafts India has to offer and a sincere effort to make one understand its valuable qualities and make Art Lovers of them

Arts and Craft is a therapy and will continue to be a therapy giving strength and energy to millions all over the world. We are indebted to our master crafts men and artists for the various techniques that they created which has laid the foundation for this therapy through Art.

We have commenced this mission with beautiful write ups of some of the traditional crafts. Enjoy understanding these beautiful art forms

We invite Art lovers to give articles if they wish to, in appreciation of the various arts and crafts of India, its history, its techniques, its significance .You can send your articles to
Tanjore Painting
Gemstone Painting
Cheriyal Painting
Saura Painting
Madhubani Painting
Indian Wood Inlay
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