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Saura Painting

Saura, also known as Saur, Soura are the most ancient tribes of Orissa, India who find mention in Hindu Puranas /Epics. The artistic folk art painting of this tribe is known as Saura Painting and it not to be confused with the black and white compositions of the Warli style of painting which is more simplistic

The Suara paintings were painted on the walls of the mud house .The themes depicted give an insight into the religious beliefs, customs, ceremonies, traditions and everyday life of these tribes
  • The most striking feature in Saura paintings is the various forms of nature that are depicted in the compositions namely the sun, moon, clouds, rain, sky, plants, man etc showing a close link between man and nature

  • The canvas often has a outer geometric border design .This geometric border repeats itself in the canvas dividing in into various panels. The artist freely using each panel to depict a different composition, narrating different activities of the tribal life.

  • Although the forms are depicted in a stylized manner, there is a sense of energy and rhythm in the compositions. Figures are seen dancing around the bon fire, beating the drums, hunting, riding the bullock cart, doing their daily chores in mud huts, children playing – all natural scenes depicted in a very unconventional folk style.

  • There is a vibrant representation of life - Monkeys, deer, elephants, ponds with fishes, trees, foliage. The tree is represented as the "Tree of Life" with distinctly outlined branches, leaves, fruit and flowers. Monkeys are seen hanging endearingly from the branches, while cow and deer are seen grazing at the trunk of the tree. Idital, the Saura deity, is also depicted as being taken on a procession in temple chariot

  • The i-mart collection of Saura paintings are in acrylic medium and hence more vibrant in color and texture. Excepting for the medium all other characteristics are typical of the Saura style

The compositions of the Saura paintings are filled with beautiful representations of flora, fauna and animal lives. The paintings are charged with the energies of the Pancha Mahabutas i.e. the five elements of life – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – thro the depiction of the sky, sun, ponds and rain, trees, huts etc

The Sauras beautifully expressed their philosophy that Religion is about worshiping, respecting and protecting Nature .Man and Nature are inseparable and our foremost duty is to learn to integrate ourselves with Nature, preserve ecology so we can reap all the goodness that it has to offer

These paintings are filled with the positive energies of life
Saura Painting Making
The traditional technique of painting of the wall is very simple , its requirement being
  • A twig that is used as a brush

  • White Rice Powder used to make White dye and Lamp soot to make the black dye.All the dyes are taken from nature – roots and herbal plants

  • The walls are prepared with a coat of rice paste mixed with straw and thoroughly dried befor the artists starts painting .The drawing is done directly onto the wall

  • The paintings are now being promoted as compositions on paper/canvas in natural and acrylic mediums, so it can be bought and promoted by Art Lovers. Very broad, earthly forest green frames have been used to enhance the vibrancy of the paintings

Posted by SRCM for india4you.
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