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Cheriyal Scroll Painting

Cheriyal scroll painting is a highly stylized version of Nakashi Art. The art is believed to be brought to India by Mughal emperors and has its origin in Rajasthan 16th Century. The Nakashis made dolls and painted long stories in the form of scrolls. This traditional art form became an inseparable part of the profession of the story telling community known as Kaki Padagollu. They displayed the scrolls and accompanied with music and dance went from village to village narrating and singing stories from Puranas and Indian Epics. These scrolls were a very important part of the sociological and cultural setting of Telengana, which is today the modern districts of Karimnagar, Warangal, Mahbubnagar, Medak and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh)

By virtue of its distinct traditional style and charateristics Cheriyal Paintings were recently given a Geographical Indications (GI) tag. There are very few artists remaining who continue this technique diminishing the availability of paintings.
  • In vivid hues (mostly primary colors) with a predominance of red in the background, these scroll paintings are easy to relate to - as the themes and stories are familiar - drawn from ancient literary, mythology and folk traditions. The common themes are from the Krishna Lela, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shiva Puranam, Markandeya Puranam and stories of communities like Gauda, Madiga and so on.

  • Simple rural life – women doing chores in the kitchen, working in the paddy fields, festival scenes are so endearingly depicted

  • The costumes and settings in which the figures are depicted are a reflection of the culture of Andhra, where these paintings originated

  • Each scroll can run into several meters and are normally vertical in format. The sequences are illustrated in a series of horizontal panels demarcated by floral borders. These floral borders are used to create horizontal panels as well. Typically each sequence is set into a floral border

  • Within the narrow panels, linearity, proportion is created by depicting trees, a building, a pillar with drawn curtains etc. It’s amazing !

  • To meet the modern demand and cost, smaller versions are being made at affordable prices without sacrificing the basic traditional characters. Painting sequences from the basic themes is are being made into single pictures for wall decoration
  • Cheriyal paintings tell stories from the Ramayana, mahabharata, puranams in a pictorial form. It served as a beautiful medium to reach out to the people – educated and uneducated in an entertaining way. The pictorial murals conveyed social and moral values in an easy manner and enhanced goodness in people

  • Each story from the epics and puranams teach us something about life and remind us to pursue the path of truth

Cheriyal Painting Making
The making of the canvas is a very elaborate procedure. The khadi cotton is treated in a mixture of starch (from rice), suddha matti (white mud), a paste of boiled tamarind seeds and gum water thrice. It has to be ensured that every coating is thoroughly dried before the next one is applied.

Once the canvas is ready the artist sketch the outline directly onto the canvas using a brush. The outlines are very well defined and sharp reflecting the quality and experience of the craftsman.

The colors are made by the artists from natural sources .Brushes are made with hair of squirrels tied to a stick

Dolls and masks are made of wood, sawdust and tamarind paste. Masks are made even with coconut shells
  Coconut Mask
Posted by SRCM for india4you.
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